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Volunteers working on the Worthy Women Recovery Home
Laci was our first lady who after attending MRT in the jail, bonded out and then continued to take our classes. She took the necessary steps to change her environment and her friends. Her kids are well, she has worked in the same job for 16 years, and she is going to college, pursuing Human Services.
Our Work
Worthy Women Recovery Home is a Christian home that provides recently incarcerated women with re-entry programs and the tools necessary to reduce recidivism rates, substance abuse and addictions, and to empower them to live as positive role models for their children and in their community.

Operating Plan
This Operating Plan Outline is a basic overview of what we will provide once we open and what we expect of our residents. This is neither inclusive nor exclusive, but a comprehensive idea of why we exist, how we will help our ladies, what their responsibilities include, what they will be involved in and what the potential savings to taxpayers are.

D. E. "Sonshine" Troche has worked relentlessly at establishing and facilitating the Moral Reconation Therapy MRT® program at the La Porte County Jail. The MRT® program at the La Porte County Jail has been shown to reduce re-arrest rates in the La Porte County Jail groups of 44% in 2008, 30% in 2009, 42% for the 2010, and 61% for the 2011 group. If it works there it will work in the home.

Every female residing at WWRH for one year saves LaPorte County $25,000-$30,000. WWRH is capable of housing 14 residents and saving taxpayers at least $300,000 per year, while educating and contributing to a growing drug-free workforce for LaPorte County Businesses. "If one lady becomes healthy and heals, and her children do not follow her path, then every sacrifice and tear of my life will have been worthwhile!"

Our Product - Recovery
Our home will be a place for women to recover and successfully prepare to re-enter the community. We will select those female inmates who participate in our programs in the La Porte County Jail. This includes those who are currently sentenced, have recently been incarcerated, or have recurring arrests because of substance abuse addiction issues.

Our ladies will learn to acclimate as normal responsible productive members of society. This is vital to their recovery. Residents will pay weekly rent. We will accept disability checks as short term payment, expecting them to find employment if health allows. We expect their families to participate in assisting where applicable and able. For the severely indigent, a minimum commitment to community services is a must. We will partner with local businesses and churches for scholarships. All residents will be required to participate in and adhere to all programs, rules and policies. Each resident is required to display a positive attitude toward keeping the home sanitary, safe and secure.

Our Plan - Judges, Probation Officers, Work Release Center, etc.
    To have non-violent 1st female offenders ordered to us as an alternative sentence;
    To have second-time offenders court-ordered to us as part of a shorter sentence; and
    To be a resource for the LaPorte County Jail and Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) for offenders returning to La Porte County from Indiana Women’s Prison.

Offender Specific Programs – Correctional Counselling Institute www.ccimrt.com
MRT® Moral Reconation Therapy was designed and developed to target issues specific to the offender population. MRT® is shown to increase moral reasoning, and reduce the recidivism rates of offenders from 30%-50% after 10 years of release. On SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices

We will use CCI supplemental programs to maximize the success of our residents
    Coping with Anger – Anger management program
    Staying Quit – Substance abuse relapse prevention
    Job Readiness – Preparing yourself for workplace success
    Parenting and Family Values – Assessing parenting values and goals
    Driving the Right Way – Specifically for DUI offenders

Support Services – Individualized Programs and Activities
    Employment/Social Services Assistance
    Children/Family Relationship Building
    Bible Studies/Daily Devotionals/Mentoring

Objective – To Promote Positive Change In Our Community
    Raise participants levels of moral decision making skills
    Reduce recidivism(re-arrest) rates in La Porte County
    Improve the quality of life for their children
    Decrease taxpayers burdens by decreased criminal activity

Our Goals
Short Term Goals
    To provide safe, structured and supportive housing for 14 former female inmates
    Mandatory GED courses; college classes
    Jobs skill training/resume building for residents

Long Term Goals:
WWRH is Unique because…
    No recovery home exists in La Porte County, specific to providing a continuum of care for formerly incarcerated females with substance abuse addiction issues.
    We will provide a Christian family environment exemplifying higher moral reasoning
    We will provide staff trained with evidence and research based programs
    We will be a long term facility with structure and a continuum of care

Incarceration Cost Comparisonshttp://www.in.gov/idoc/2377.htm
    La Porte County Jail = Approximately $70 per day
    Indiana Women’s Prison (IWP) = $70 per day
    Community Corrections Center = $35 per day 1st month, then $15 per day, exclusive
    WWRH Residents pay approximately $18 per day ($125 per week) inclusive

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