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Our Impact
Addiction affects every one of us, especially the suffering children of our ladies, who are too young to understand why Mommy can't come home, why Mommy is behind the glass, why Mommy stays so far away, etc. The children of these mothers rarely have a chance to enjoy a normal childhood. Some are being shuffled from one living environment to another, enduring sexual or physical abuse, or being bullied and ridiculed because of their family situations. Discouragement often leads to isolation and if allowed to progress into deep depression, they are subsequently trapped, more often than not, into the same substance abuse issues as their mothers. The money America spends on social services, counseling, programming, and rehabilitation centers will only continue to increase unless the need for these programs and their exorbitant costs are reduced by interrupting this vicious cycle.

   Relevant Statistics from the MRT Groups we facilitate in the La Porte County Jail:
  • The high school graduation rate is 56% and 20% have at least two years of college.
  • Overall 76% are parents with 2.5 children per parent.
  • The average age is 27, and the average arrests is 7.7 per inmate.

   Alcohol addiction:
  • 44% listed Alcohol as their addiction
  • 82% are mothers with an average of 3 children each.
  • Fifty percent of parents are High School dropouts with three children each.

   Heroin addiction:
  • 30% listed Heroin as their addiction
  • 57% are parents with an average of 2.25 children each.
  • 75% are females who are mothers with an average of three children each.
  • 50% are High School dropouts and parents of 3 children.
  • The average age is 29 and the average arrests per inmate is 7.4

We first began collecting data in February 2008. When it is processed through the jail tracker system, the results show an average of at least 30% of inmates participating in MRT, who have not been rearrested after three years of release.
Since 2008, over 530 participated voluntarily and about 25% graduated the MRT program before release.

   Evidenced by decrease in risk factors and an increase in protective factors:
    1. Basic trust and concise communication skills.
    2. Gaining a positive sense of self.
    3. Learning respect for authority and acceptance of directions/instructions given.
    4. Accepting positive affirmations with humility.

Our success is measured in terms of three years of no arrests after release or re-entry.

Several Judges have court ordered inmates to our program.
Six inmates(20%) graduated MRT in this reporting period.
Our success is measured in terms of three years of no arrests after release or reentry.
Our short term success is defined by what is learned from each step:

23 Took responsibility for past behavior 23 or 100%

22 Accept life and avoid triggers 22 or 88%
13 Learned how to heal relationships and help others 13 or 52%
10 Learned to set short term goals 10 or 48%
9 Learned to set long term goals 9 or 44%
7 Self-assessment to realize bad behavior 7 or 28%
6 Identified master goals for success (Graduated) 6 or 24%