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The La Porte Missionary Quilters Club
The La Porte Missionary Quilters Club
The La Porte Missionary Quilters Club are an amazing group of ladies. Not only are they generous, they are prayer warriors. They visited WWRH Founder Sonshine Troche just after the WWRH ribbon cutting ceremony held on June 10, 2016. They provided 18 handmade quilts and a $1000 donation. Every resident that successfully graduates from WWRH, is allowed to take home a quilt she picked when she first entered.
Our Home
Our home is a safe haven for women to learn to love themselves and recognize their true worth. As they recover from being incarcerated and successfully prepare to re-enter the community, they are healing damaged relationships, learning financial responsibility, and forgiving those who have harmed them in the past. All of our residents have recurring arrests because of substance abuse addiction issues, because they never learned to cope with being violated, harmed, abused, belittle, or being told how unworthy they are. We show them how to face the pain head-on with God's love and teach them to hold their head high.

Every resident in our Worthy Women Recovery home has a Christian Mentor to help them walk their journey of hope and recovery, helping them adjust to their newfound freedom. They go to work after a 30 day settling-in period, they pay rent weekly and keep the home very clean. They cook for themselves, prepare menus and chore lists, and earn their TASC Certificate(TASC replaced the GED). For the severely indigent, a minimum commitment to helping at the home and volunteering in our community is a must. We strive to increase relationships with churches and businesses to help us provide assistance when our ladies lack the support they so need.

Giving our ladies a chance to adjust from jail or prison life, to a structure where programs and schedules are the norm, allows them to transition productively back into their family life once they leave Worthy Women Recovery. Our residents are required to participate in cognitive behavior programs, adhere to rules and policies, and focus on themselves. Each one is required to display a positive attitude toward keeping their home sanitary, safe, and secure.

We communicate with local Judges, Probation Officers, the Prosecuting Attorneys Office, and the Parole District to:
  • have non-violent female offenders sentenced to us as part of their sentencing structure.
  • have first-time offenders court-ordered to us as an alternative sentence.
  • be a resource for the La Porte County Jail and Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) upon the release of female inmates
Picture of La Porte County Ministerial Association 2016

The La Porte County Ministerial Association 2016 PastorsThe La Porte County Ministerial Association 2016 Pastors met at our home just before we opened to tour our 4800 square foot building, to bless us with prayers and to see truly, that the hands of our community through the love of God built the WORTHY Women Recovery Home. The Recreation room is 28 feet long; we could not fit all of the pastors into the picture. It is now full of exercise equipment and a donated pool table.
The La Porte County Ministerial Association 2016 Pastors
The kitchen is a magnificent part of the home, with dark oak cabinets built by our Amish friend Roy, owner of Shipshewana Woodworks and real granite counter tops from Brazil, and crafted by MOMAX in Merrillville, all at a great discount because of our mission.